The “A” in Asexual


In todays world we have many orientations that it feels as if a new one pops up everyday. We have heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, and the list goes on. Yet, what happens whenever one doesn’t belong to any orientation or at times doesn’t even have an orientation to call their own. In the documentary “(A)sexual” directed by Angela Tucker, explores the world about asexual people, the ones that can be describes as having little or no sex drive and/or little or no sexual attraction.

This film follows the lives of many people, but mainly follows David Jay and his life as an asexual and even how asexuals are seen as “odd” and even not accepted by many people. It also gives the viewer a bigger insight of what asexuality is really about.

I would recommend this film to anyone that wants to learn more about human sexuality. At times many people are so in thrilled about how and what people are attracted to, but find it odd when one has no attraction to any sex at all, so this documentary does a great job opening doors to anyone that wants to learn more about this subject.


Secret of GaGa


As famous as Lady GaGa is worldwide it isn’t to ones surprise that there would be a documentary made about her. In the documentary “Lady Gaga’s Secret World” directed by Maureen Goldthorpe, talks about the life and challenges of Stefanii Germanotta ultimately known as Lady GaGa.

This documentary did interest me because Lady GaGa has amazing music and is very talented so, as any other person I was curious to find out more about this artist. I knew a few things about Lady GaGa, but there were some things that did surprise me such as her being bullied in school and even learning piano at a young age. Also, this documentary does talk about her “underground” movement and her work she had to do to get to where she’s at.

I do recommend watching this documentary not because it is an amazing documentary, but it would be something well enjoyed my the many GaGa fans, or as she like to call them, “Little Monsters”


Sad Movie Post



Well, today is not going to be another movie review. Yet, instead it is going to be a sad review about a movie review that has ceased to exist. It all started a couple of days ago when I decided to rent a DVD from RedBox. I just felt like supporting a dying thing, CD’s. As I go to RedBox I happily and easily rent the movie, “The To Do List” directed by Maggie Carey. Was a movie that was supposed to use about 2 hours of my day and just pretend there was nothing else that existed, but the movie and me.

The film was supposed to be a very comical movie. It’s basically follows the life of a young women that regrets not living her life she wanted to in high school, so she ends up making a “to-do-list’ that will bring satisfaction in here life.

I really wanted to watch this movie because I bet, even though it may not match entirely to this list, but we all have our own list we wished we completed in life. So, even though I haven’t watched this move I would still love to give it a chance, but sadly I lost my RedBox rental and its no where to be found, but maybe later I will find it soon. A very sad movie post indeed.





In the world of the famous internet one company comes to almost everyone mind. It is a company that has its hand in almost everything. From the ever popular search engine, to phones, laptops, and even marketing, it is a wonder how there wasn’t a movie made about this company sooner. I am talking about none the less the famous company of Google. In the film. “The Internship“, directed by Shawn Levy, follows the life of two amazing characters that even though have many odds against them land an exiting intern at Google.

The film stars the famous duo Vince Vaughn as Billy and Owen Wilson as Nick, that find themselves laid-off, due to a company shut down, but worse of all find themselves with no “up to date skills”. They know nothing of the internet or computer world, but with their clever and witty minds end up getting an intern at Google. There they encounter different kinds of people, go through many challenges, and learn many things about others and themselves as well.

This film, even though a comedy, is in a way very inspirational. It teaches the viewer about hard work and drive as the main fuel in human achievement in life. It really shows one the lesson of how even though some people may lack skills or other socially needed things for life, it isn’t worth anything as someone with an advanced degree or extreme experience if they don’t have any drive or dedication in their heart.

I highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for a good laugh, but also understanding of what it really means to succeed in life.


Bring on the Heat



In the world of movies we always have police revolved stories. Let it be Rush Hour, Training Day, 21 Jump Street, and many more, the ones that always have ones heart is the funny ones. Which brings up on of the most funniest movie “The Heat” directed by Paul Feig, which brings two different people together to create an amazing movie.

The story is set in the city of Boston and follows two people. A police officer Mullins (Melissa McArthy) and FBI agent Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) which are from completely different worlds.

Mullins is an outgoing, brute, assertive, plays by her own rules cop, while Ashburn is a well organized, strict rule follower and which does everything to go exactly by the books. Ashburn is assigned to a drug case and eventually has to work with, even though she highly objects it, police officer Mullins.

They both are at complete opposite ends and are constantly fighting, to a point where they can not stand each other. And the only thing keeping them in the same room is they are both on the same case.

Through out the movie you will find intense laughter, with a great balance of action, and suspense. Which is why everyone should go out and see this movie. Adding it to their list of all time favorites.


More of a Hangover



20131124_033635934_iOSAn all time favorite of many, The Hangover series. Many people have reasons to call this movies, specifically part 2, their favorite. Let it be the memories that one is filled when watching it. The party’s, the adventures, wild nights and of course the drugs, all while hanging out with best of friends is what many love to reminisce about. If you haven’t seen first Hangover please do so, but today many of you will smile and even chuckle a bit from reading about, “The Hangover Part 2“, which is directed by Todd Phillips.

The movies starts out with the original characters of Stu, Phil, Alan and Doug which end up in Thailand to celebrate Stu’s wedding. Yet, as The Hangover is famously known for, the film turns into a quick scene of everyone waking up in a random hotel room and of course a Tiger is present. Liquor bottles and a great mess fills the room all starting out the movie of action, mystery, face tattoos, comedy, and even a small monkey as a pet.

This film is incredibly funny and as always has a “Ohhh” feeling at the end. I highly recommend everyone buy The Hangover trilogy and have a night of great laughs and to some can even relate to the crazy stuns and adventures these four friends endure.





There are the few people in life that think they can get away with many things. Cheating on a test, passing red lights, and even cheating on their spouse, but how far is one willing to go to be the best con artist ever? At times accomplishing one con can lead to the confidence to keep going. To keep conning as much as possible even though there is huge risk involved. In the film, “Catch me if you can” directed by Steven Spielberg, follows the life of one man that is soon to be, as one can say, the best con artist around.

The film stars Leonardo De Caprio and starts Frank a man that grows up with similar life struggles. Life struggles such as finances and even dealing with his parents divorce. As Frank grows up he soon lands in the trouble of money, being low on funds only leads him to multiple scams, that even go as far as forging payroll checks in the millions of amount. Through out the film he is of course suspected by the police and FBI, but again his confidence in prior scams doesn’t stop him

This film teaches many things. It teaches one about humans and their nature of having too much confidence. One has huge amount of confidence and can think they are untouchable, but again as the old saying goes, “What comes up must come down” and if you are wondering what lessons are learned in this film, but really want to be on the edge of your seat as well, then this film is highly recommended.