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Tonight I watched one of the most amazing films one could ever watch so far. A film filled with suspense, action, dedication, and the true spirit of human nature. It has got to be one of the most touching films and life changing films one could ever see. Today I watched “Captain Phillips” directed by Paul Greengrass and it stars Tom Hanks, and I can not say it enough of how amazing this film is.

Tom Hanks plays Richard Phillips as an ordinary man from America. He is married and has a family of his own. He has a full time job of traveling the world making sure cargo ships make it safe with all supplies to their destination. Yet, as easy as that may sound he has to be on the look out for dangerous weathers, ship break downs, and at worse, pirates. Yet, these are not pirates that we know from classic cartoon movies, but pirates made up of rebels from the African Cost that instead of carrying swords they carry gun and will do anything to take over a ship.

As the movie starts out there is one attempt of pirates trying to take over a ship, but fail the first. Although failed the first time this does not stop them. They come back with more anger and more drive to take over a ship and get what they want. The second attempt they take over the ship, but with the bravery of captain Phillips he makes sure his crew is safe, but what is the price to pay? He is held hostage and through out the movie one will see how courageous captain Phillips is. Showing us what it truly means to value life and do anything to survive.

The best way I can describe this movie would be an “all-in-one” movie. It shows suspense, thrill, politics, action, romanticism, and adventure. It will make the viewer cling to the edge of their seat, all while trying ones best to hold back tears. Again, this movie is a must see for anyone that is clearly looking to see an amazing movie this year.


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